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Arranging transportation can be one of the most frustrating aspects of planning a trip, and, of course, finding one's way to the proper deck to be picked up from the airport is a hassle in and of itself. Paying taxis, lyfts, ubers, and other shuttles, can also add up to a lot of money quickly if you're not careful. Oftentimes, in such situations, renting a car is by far the best and most cost-effective option.

             Of course, renting a car does come with its own set of difficulties. For example, like airlines, there are a lot of different car rental companies each with its own set of policies, prices, and perks. Which one is the best? Well, you could google it, but likely you'll discover that, like airlines, there are several good car-rental companies depending on your needs, dates, and location. Then there are junky websites to navigate, and grumpy people on the telephone. Individuals whose jobs are to turn out results as quickly as possible with less care for quality, and lots of confusing rules and regulations which all conspire to make car-rental a nightmare.

              However, before you call that taxi, or schedule the shuttle, resigned to paying top dollar for the convenience of it all, take the time to look over our process for helping you schedule a rental. Renting a car doesn't have to be frustrating, and we at Fantastic Holiday Deals have worked out the details so that you don't have to. Renting a car with us is almost as easy as calling an Uber, and if you have a lot of places to go, you'll find it's far cheaper.

              First, enter the location for pickup and the dropoff location if it's different, and then the dates for when you'll need it. Our website will direct you to a page where you can filter the results for any car, any style, any price, and any supplier, but our default setting puts the best deals at the top. After you've selected your car, you book it precisely like you would a flight, and you're all set. It's fast, it's convenient and prevents a lot of potential for miscommunication, messups, and the dreaded fear of arriving at your destination intending to book a car and discovering they've all been taken. Rent your vehicle now, it doesn't get any better than right here at