So you get discount tickets to Munich, or a business obligation takes you to Dubai. All well and good, but you don’t know the area and you’re not the travel geek who knows everything about everywhere. All you want is to be able to properly enjoy the area and have some fun, but you haven’t the slightest notion of where to begin.

           I could give you several great ideas of things to do, such as simply wander and view the scenery, find a local bakery, or attempt to hold a conversation with a local. However, I don’t want to just give you a few ideas, I want to give you tips on how to generate your own ideas so that where ever you find yourself in your travels, you will never be at a loss for how to occupy your time.

1. Google is Your Friend

          It’s true. Technology is here to serve you. Even if you’re stuck in Siberia, there are people who have been there and done that and can tell you what the local highlights are, where not to set foot, and, perhaps, what local delicacy you oughtn’t to leave untasted. Take advantage of the colossal wealth of human experience to be found on the internet and I guarantee you’ll not be bored.

2. Ask and You Shall Receive

          Now, depending on who talk to, your choices could be rather unique, but there will be choices, and unless you find yourself stuck in Antarctica, there will always be someone to talk to. Ask him about his favorite haunts, where he goes to have fun, and what he considers the most beautiful highlights of his city. You’ll probably be surprised with how busy he will keep you, and how much you’ll enjoy yourself.

3. Leave All Preconceptions at The Airport

             For years I had a holy terror of museums of any kind. They were boring, people gave lengthy speeches, and the group always lingered too long over exhibits which held no interest for me. I swore off museums, until, years later, on a whim, I visited one by myself. To my great surprise, I enjoyed it immensely and my world was never the same. I learned two things that day. Museums are not boring, and I had best visit them by myself. For you it might be the opposite, perhaps going with a group is just the thing to make a place more intriguing, or maybe you always thought rock-climbing would be frightening, but that’s because you never tried it. The idea of walking around looking at old buildings might be mentally repugnant, but then of course, perhaps you haven’t yet seen any old buildings worth viewing. Be open, leave your prejudices behind and you won’t lack for something to do.

4. Decide Ahead of Time to Have Fun

          Have you ever heard the statement, “expect the worst and you’ll never be disappointed?” While it might be true, you’ll also never be truly happy. If you go someplace having already decided you’re going to be bored and miserable, your decision will become its own fulfillment. You probably will be bored and miserable. However, determine that your trip is going to be exciting and that you will try to enjoy as much as possible, everything that takes place, you’ll probably look back on it as one of the best vacations of your life. Relax, take things in stride,  and don’t forget to laugh.

5. When All Else Fails, Don’t Be Afraid to Wander

         The English word “wander” comes from the German “Wandern”(pronounced: Vandern) and is most often used in the context of walking, hiking, or roaming. The word is meant to be taken as something exciting rather than our usual English connotation of aimless meandering. Just start walking, and let the adventure take you where it will. Of course, this should only be attempted if you have several hours at your disposal and you may very well get lost, but wandering is a great way to see unexpected things, get a healthy workout, and really get to know the feel of the place you’re visiting, not just the glittering facade which many places put up for tourists. The real deal is usually far more fascinating.

         When it comes to things to do, initiative is generally the spark that ignites combustion. Take charge of your situation, decide not to be bored, and your vacations will be the envy of your community.

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